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I'm a photographer and videographer from Aschaffenburg and the face of "Hicóly photography". I am looking forward to getting to know you. If you want to know more about me, please read here. Otherwise just browse through my page and take a look at what I do. And if you have questions about "Hicóly Photography" or if you want to know more about Funnyoke this is a funny music clip for weddings as a wedding video, as a cool idea for a bachelor party or as an event for a teambuilding measure), don't hesitate to contact me.

By the way, "Hicóly" is pronounced "Heikoli" and is an artificial word from my first name.

Hicóly photography - This is usOn the photo here you can see me with my two loved ones, my wife Nicole and our son Finn. Sometimes they do a lot with me, because everything revolves around my passion. The passion to capture moments in pictures. Whether as a photo or in moving pictures - my camera is my constant companion. Nicole and Finn are also allowed to play model every now and then when I want to try something new...

And that's quite a lot, because when I started photography in 2017 in a really professional way, there were a lot of new things to discover. I have always been enthusiastic about photography. Already as a small boy at the age of 8 years (that was 1985!!) I made with my first pocket camera (Kodak Instamatic 400) initial attempts to go. Further analog pocket cameras followed, with which I "snapped" everything that came in front of my lens until I bought my first digital camera in 2001 with an incredible 2.1 megapixels.

That's me - Heiko from Hicoly photography and Funnyoke VideoproductionSince then, a lot has happened in the field of digital photography. Among other things I regularly took pictures on live music events for an event page and also privately I am always the one who is rarely seen on holiday photos, because I usually stand behind the camera. In 2017 I decided to dedicate myself to photography. My photos should become even better. I myself wanted to become even better. That's why I started studying photography in 2017, which I completed a year later with a very good result.

With the newly acquired skills, of course, more professional equipment was needed. A reflex camera with the appropriate lenses and the right view through the viewfinder open up completely new possibilities in quality and beauty of the photos. I enjoy photographing people in great environments, which is why I am very interested in people photography. With every single photo there is the challenge to show the respective character in its peculiarity. If you feel like rediscovering yourself in my photos, just write me a short message. I'm very excited to see what ideas we can put together. One of my other strengths lies in detail shots, where you can also play wonderfully with the depth of field.

That's me - Heiko from Hicoly photography und Funnyoke VideoproductionBesides photography I am also an enthusiastic videographer. Especially at concerts I like to let my camera run with my camera to capture the great live atmosphere. Since our own wedding in June 2017, where we had a cool and funny wedding music video, I have been totally into this kind of "music clip" myself. See my blog entry: Our Wedding - Our cool and funny wedding music video (only in german). Besides the typical and often boring wedding videos, such a "Funnyoke" (also called Lipdub or Weddyoke) is a great and unique memory of your own wedding. The video is already fun to shoot and can be used as an innovative thank-you card for all guests. After all, the bridal couple and all guests in such a video are the main actors.

Some of you may know this kind of videos under a different name - for me they are simply called Funnyoke! A video that, as the name suggests, is great fun and can be a creative idea for weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays or teambuilding events.

If you should get married soon or if you know someone who should have such a cool wedding video, then take a look at my Funnyoke.

So, I would like to tell you more about me and my work in a personal conversation. I look forward to receiving your message.

And have a look at Instagram, Facebook or Youtube!

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